Monday, November 30, 2009

who needs the Schleck brothers?

...or the Jalabert brothers, or the Hadeo brothers, or the Super Mario Brothers, for that matter? While there was no racing to be had in NC this weekend, Eric, my li'l brother (aka, Associate Professor--not to be mistaken for Full Professor) worked a 17th out of 52 in the Sussex County CX race in New Jersey. Cracking the top 20 is solid for a guy whose primary sport is fishing and who hates running. To be fair, he does do fly fishing (the cyclocross of fishing), and telemark skiing (the cyclocross of skiing), and lives in New Jersey (the cyclocross of mobster states), so cyclocross (the cyclocross of cycling) seems to be make sense. The extra cool thing was that he was less than a minute out of the top 10. He's been heavily recruited to ride for BCC in 2010 and he's promised to try to visit for a NC Winter Cup race, so watch out. In the meantime, we'll try to find him a better nickname.


co2cycle said...

For anyone keeping score,

bass fishing is the road biking of fishing
deep sea marlin fishing is the mountain biking of fishing
fishing off of a bridge is the bmx of fishing

nordic (cross-country) is the road biking of skiing
alpine (downhill) is the mountain biking of skiing
snowboarding is the bmx of skiing

new york is the road biking of mobster states
nevada is the mountain biking of mobster states
chicago is the bmx of mobster states

and, because i'm wasting time,
john is the road biking of the beatles
paul is the mountain biking of the beatles
ringo is the bmx of the beatles
and george is the cyclocross of the beatles

miniweesh said...

I would have to disagree with you on one of your fishing similies:
grabbling is the bmx of fishing

Also, watching marlin fishing on TV is the triathlon of fishing

co2cycle said...

naw, grabling/noodling is the fixed-gear riding of fishing: simple equipment, direct connection, and potentially deadly.

this is the triathlon of fishing:

miniwessh said...

Right, I suppose grabbling is the most utilitarian fishing that has ever existed. Plus it help one feel in touch with one's rural environment.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't dynamiting be the BMX of fishing?