Monday, November 23, 2009

weekend off?

None of us could make it up to Hendersonville for the NC Grand Prix, which is kinda a bummer. I didn't do too well on that course last time I was up there (fairly flat with one steep hill, as I remember, good for crit racers). However, rain made Sunday look interesting. Read Peter Hymas' report on Cyclingnews.

So some of the Durham cyclocrossers (Ben, Linus, and I) met up with the Raleigh mountainbikers (Daniel and JD) for a nice off-road ride at Umstead. One of Daniel's friends, a Misfit Team guy, led us around some secret trails, further obscured by a heavy blanket of leaves. It was kinda like riding in snow, but not as cold, and with hidden roots and rocks.

Sunday, almost all of the stars of Durham showed up for a gravel trails cyclocross ride. Veteran racers, Ben, Geoff, Linus, Corey, and I were joined by future racers Ali, Brian, and Dewey. (Jay's out with an injured leg, but will hopefully be recovered in time for the last weekend of fall racing.) It's fun rolling with a cyclocross crew, even though it appears to be the new hipster thing to do.

For a supposedly fairly chill ride, we had a lot of mechanicals, starting with Linus' crash before we left the shop. Dewey's phantom-gear singlespeed conversion started self-destructing. Geoff flatted on the old road cobblestones. Linus then developed a slow-leak.

Lots of quality riding, in less time than a one-way drive to Hendersonville. Next stop: Greensboro & Winston-Salem!


Korps said...

Don't forget Ben's broken spokes. One on each side of his rear wheel.

co2cycle said...

i knew i was forgetting something. i guess since ben's nipple-ripping raw power is such a well-known phenomenon, i take if for granted sometimes.

also, Ali had a mechanical with one of his socks.

JustinPCooper said...


I'm relatively new to both Durham and cyclocross -- which I am happy to learn from this post will be increasing my hipster cred -- and I am looking to get more involved with some local cyclists and possibly to join a team. I met Linus at the Bicycle Chain, and he directed me to this site. I'm not sure if this is the best forum for getting in the loop with y'all, but if someone could please respond, I'd love to hear about any rides/races y'all are doing that I might be able to join in on. More directly and specifically, if anyone is headed to the 'cross race in Greensboro this weekend and would like to carpool, that would be great. I can offer to drive and/or pay for gas.