Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NCCX 4and5 Warm Fast weekend

The racing was dry and fast for two consecutive days and proved to be a real contrast to the last weekend of racing in the mud and grass. I regained my consistency but place consistenly lower than my opening weekend slotting into 17th both days for midpack results. Charlotte was a tougher course than I anticipated with an uphill road sprint to a nasty little rise to enter the course. Once on course riders immediately rode into a 2 section sand pit. I was able to ride the first section but making the second section was tough and I only made it through both on one lap. Barriers right after this section made for no rest and the course kept it coming with off-camber hilly turns into a hilly run up and short climb. All this was dished out in the first 1/3 of the course. The remaining was fast road and grass terrain with little time for recovery.

Linus had a break out weekend placing in the top 1o in Charlotte and landing on the podium in 3rd in Salisbury. I am looking forward to having him join me in the 3's. By the way OG you need to contact NCCX and replace the ? mark under the Charlotte results with your name.

Linus burning through the second sand pit in Charlotte and running the barriers like a pro.

No photos from Salisbury but the sun was shining and the temps were in the upper 70's. The course was in excellent condition and everyone was smiling. The Sandhills are ahead of us next week.


co2cycle said...

nice work lads. Linus, you did Bitter Dose proud, which means you were a terrible disgrace to Bull City Cycling. however, i feel you can be redeemed. Jay, you always do right by the Bull City.

LinusOG said...

I know. I gotta do something about the gettup.

DukePirate said...

Yeah, what's with Linus being a traitor? I mean, you designed the damn kit, fergodssake, surely you're not embarrassed to wear it?

But you're sexy in whatever you wear, OG!

hollywood said...

Does this mean I am free to wear some "Tri-Cyclist's" or cycles de oro clothing now?? Hmmmm

JeffS said...

What was that you were saying at the Salisbury start? That you weren't going to do well? and that it was only your mad mtb skillz that got you into the top 10 the day before?