Thursday, September 10, 2009

We win! (Well, kinda.)

You may have noticed that a few weeks ago I put up a few links to some blogs that we follow -- Team Dicky, Fat Cyclist, Bike Snob, etc. -- along with one that I like to read on occasion, the Misfit Cycles blog, 'LiesNShite.' While Fatty was probably the most compelling read over the last few months, as he watched his wife die of cancer and started a series of fundraisers in her name, the other blogs provided the RDA of internet snark. (If you haven't read through Fatty's entries during June and July, they are worth a look for his ability to stare unflinchingly at the horror of his wife's death and yet not fall into the abyss.)

As it turns out, Misfit Cycles was having a contest: whoever could direct the most traffic to their blog would win their new dirtjump frame, the Nummers. Misfit is an off-kilter little company that makes a few nice frames, some funky handlebars, and good SS-friendly gear, but the idea of riding their dirtjump frame is pretty amusing. I mean, the General is rad and all, but pure unadulterated DJ-ness? Needless to say I now need it.

Amusingly, BCC came in 10th in the first phase of the contest! (Which is like winning, except with nine people ahead of you. It is also a lot like losing, it seems, as their site only lists ten 'winners.' But we're not going to focus on that for the moment.) I think that pretty much means that we've got this baby wrapped up, and that we'll soon be dirtjumping in fine Nummers style all over Crabtree.

This does, of course, raise the question of who should get the bike should we win it? The most skilled DJer? (Dave.) The least skilled? (Insert other name of choice.) Our fearless leader? (B-Swad?) The winner of an all-team rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock face-off? (Spock FTW!) Yer mom?

In other news...
I did actually get to hit the trails around Memphis last week, and I've got to say that it gave me a new appreciation for the fine trail network of the Triangle. This is not to say that the trails here are bad, exactly, or that I'm not thrilled to have some a short drive away from me, but when tell you that someone as out of shape as I am is pushing a 32x18 on his 29er and thinking that he really needs a few more gear inches, I think you get the idea of just how smooth and flat these trails are: they're fun, but damn I could go for a New Light weekend.


Anonymous said...

losing is the new black.

DukePirate said...

In which case, we gets ours!

co2cycle said...

a top ten finish seems to be an honorable finish for many "firsties" contestants on another popular cycling/sarcasm blog.

but is it actually "winning" if we win something that would kill most of us? i think losing out on death is the new winning.