Saturday, September 12, 2009

Transition to Success

This site has been quiet about the on-going (yawn!) Vuelta so far, but former mountain biker Ryder Hesjedal's alpine win yesterday was a bright spot. In his former life, Hesjedal was a top competitor and after bouncing around from team to team he seems to found the support he needs to succeed at the top level in the Protour. His Garm*n team seems to have found its stride in the last month, with Farrar's sprint wins, Dave Z's yellow jersey at the Tour of Mo' (bigger yawn?), and, today, Sutton's win a the Tour of Britain. While these wins are certainly welcome, I'm still waiting for Jonathan Vaughter's Argyle Armada to deliver something more substantial. If they win a classic, perhaps Paris-Tours or better Lombardia later, this season I'll be impressed. But Tommy D as Vuelta d'Espana podium finisher or winner? Let's just say, I'm not holding my breath for the hype.

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co2cycle said...

Cadel's mtb-to-road success seems to have been thwarted once again today. I think the average mountain biker could have changed his tire quicker than neutral support.

But do you think a Garm*n*sync can score a world cup podium? Zabriskie or Millar in the TT? Farrar in the RR? How about a crazy upset by Hesjedal or Maaskant?