Monday, April 27, 2009

we ain't trippin'

B-Swad, Li'l Dave, and I spend a sunny Saturday helping out at the TORC/Trips For Kids skills clinic. Sorry we didn't take any pictures, but we did indeed lead a group of cool elementary school kids around Crabtree. Lots of these kids don't even own mountain bikes and totally shredded on the loaners from TFK. The trails were super-dry, which led to a number of washed-out front tires. But these kids jumped up, brushed themselves off, and were back on the bike. Totally awesome.

Props also to Dr. Mark P from Duke who does a bunch of these events and the guys from NC State who rode with us!

Thanks to Andrea and Tristan from TFK for getting us involved in this great event. There's another one coming up sometime in May--keep an eye out for it. Also, suport their non-raffle drawing for a mountain bike (see older post).

As an epilogue, Ben destroyed me on the RockyRoad trail while Dave was dirt jumping.

But what of the endurance racers???

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