Friday, April 24, 2009

good, old fashion road racing

I meat to write about the App State road race I did while moonlighting with the college kids:

The short story is that I hung with the lead group over mountains, through rain and large puddles. The group dwindled down to 9, two got away and after I tried several unsuccessful solo attacks I lead out the sprint and finished last in the group. Maybe that's a sucker's move to voluntarily lead out a sprint like that, but I figured it seemed somewhat honorable considering the fact that (1) most of the guys worked well together trying to pull the escapees back and (2) I did try to attack the group after struggling up the major climbs. I was just happy to be involved in a hard-ass race for a change.

I meant to write about this race in greater detail, but then I got some stomach bug that's going around and was at home in bed for several days. I won't write about my battle with the bug in any greater detail other than the fact that it is possible not to eat for two days, but you won't lose much weight. You will, however, feel much much weaker.

So, to add to my review of non-cycling-specific cycling products, I'm going to have to give the stomach virus a thumbs down.

But in an attempt to stay positive, I at least hope that the stomach bug took some pleasure in riding (rocking?) the Alpe d'Huez that is my small intestine.

I actually have no idea if the illness struck that portion of my body, or which direction it may have gone. In either direction, it crossed the finish line at record speed.


Anonymous said...

Do you think it was that Mexican swine flu bug?

DukePirate said...

9% eh? Not too shabby.

Glad that you're feeling better. I'm also confused how being sick and not eating doesn't equal lower weight: seems like you've discovered some sort of cold fusion or wormhole or something. Hum, on second thought the wormhole might have been the original problem.