Thursday, June 30, 2011

High Tide

If it were not for the FGBC blog, I would not have realized that some race in France was about to get underway (btw, their TdF pool is awesome and you'd feel really silly for not participating). Between the hurly burly of the last few months, my own distraction, and my team's poor performance at the Ardennes classics which meant I felt short of the my goal of reaching the FGBC podium, I just kinda forgot about PRO road racing. Sorta paid attention to the Giro, missed (well, not really) California. Who won there?

More importantly, I know from my visit to the soon-to-rival-Portland's-hipness Durham last weekend, the BCC boys are riding big miles (to be clear, not Pirate). For my own part, a recent move means I'm close enough to kick-ass rocky, technical mountain biking that I have hung up my road bike for the summer. I'm glad to have these blisters and callouses; they are signs of summer's high tide.


co2cycle said...

After dominating the Fort Gary Giro pool, I'm shooting for the double. No Contador this time. Here's my squad:

Brad Wiggins
Tony Martin
Mark Cavendish
William Bonnet
Laurens Ten Dam
Rein Taaramae
Philippe Gilbert
Brent Bookwalter
Danny Pate

The Dark Lord said...

Thanks for the plug Ali. The more BCC teams, the better.

You might win a pair of socks.

My goal is to do better than my 7 and 9 year old kids. They are getting good at these silly games.

John Miles said...

Wedding ring!