Wednesday, December 22, 2010

O.G.'s DNF?!?

they say that winners don't quit.

except for people who quit sniffing glue.
either way, there comes a time when it's time to move on.
today is Linus' last day at the shop.
as legend goes, he was originally hired as a child laborer at the tender age of 4 because his tiny hands were able to put a Shimano STI lever back together after some unwitting cyclist tried to take one apart. he survived the Pirate days and outlasted Bergler's reign of terror. (actually, i don't think he was working at the durham location when those guys were there.) either way, he's built enough wheels for team members that you'd think a bicycle has more than two wheels (here's a riddle: a bicycle only has two wheels, but how many wheels does a bicycle need? answer: lots, if you count race wheels, training wheels, aero wheels, climbing wheels, extra training wheels, what am i forgetting?) 
what's next for Linus? 
we'll see. but in the meantime, please leave him a nice word in the comments section, or recount your favorite shop-related experience with him.


hollywood said...

Of course Linus worked at the shop during the "Bergeler Reign of Terror" Those were the golden days!! Linus what willst thou doist now?

LinusOG said...

Plans are up in the air, though I am saddened that the shop of my youth will not exist anymore. I had always secretly harbored a notion of running that store when I started working there at the ripe ol' age of 15. Onward and upward is the plan.