Thursday, December 16, 2010

and what really gets my goat...

what's up with the boring-ass new pro jersey designs?

first HTC launches something that looks like a rejected design for the Australian champ's jersey (see "Performance"). no more fake muscles; however, it also appears translucent when dry, so i'll be it'll look sweet during the spring classics.


then Movistar (formerly Caisse d'Epargne) drops this swell little number:


did they not want to pay extra for 3-color printing? it's too boring to even make fun of. 

teasers for the new Garmin-Cervelo have nearly lost all their argyle and in the wake of Sky's and Radio Shack's "classic" mostly-black kits, i don't have high expectations for the Schleck's team Leopard. 

thanks to large corporate sponsorships for keeping large teams running and jersey designers adequately bored. where are the renegades of design when you need them?


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