Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reasons Why SmAli Needs to come to Colorado Afterall

1) He already has his plane ticket
2) Life is stressful and mountain biking reduces stress significantly
2a) Look what the last trip did for me! It changed my life!
3) BCC can team up and pack your house for you
4) Moving is a pain and won't be any better by not mountain biking
5) Nothing is better than July in Colorado....nothing.
6) It has been over a year and a half since he has had to hang out with Hollywood.
7) There is too much fun for Pirate, Wicked and myself to be had....we need to spread the fun around
8) And last, but not least......look how happy SmAli was on the last Colorado Trip:


felonious said...

He does look like he's enjoying himself there.

Korps said...

Ali, You should go. Brian is right saying it relieves stress, and you said that that other day.

co2cycle said...

New Jersey is the new Colorado. get with the program.