Monday, June 21, 2010

cyclocross is just around the next several corners

it's finally the first day of summer so it's time to start talking about cyclocross.

sure, there has been racing. linus earned a top 5 in this weekend's criterium in raleigh. corey's been riding stronger, smarter, and yes, fresher, with each subsequent race. and i continue to race erratically, posting fair results, but not enough to get me to an upgrade unless i can find about 100 more races this summer.

but who wants to read about our exploits riding counter-clockwise around an oval or clockwise around a rectangle?

the big news is that the fickle fellows at the uci have thrown down some new cyclocross equipment rules. now you can race with disc brakes, but not with tires wider than 33mm. of course, these rule changes only apply to uci races (e.g. hendersonville elite-level), but they should have interesting implications for the array of bikes and wheels and tires bicycle companies will try to sell us (and i will be tempted to buy).

i am kinda bummed that my new 35mm tires are now non-uci approved, but if i've learned anything from the stuff that the uci bans, it's either very effective (motorized bikes, weird time trial positions, certain drugs), super dangerous (spinergy rev-x wheels, mini-aerobars for road races, leather helmets), or both (studded snow tires, other drugs).

also important to note, some non-traditional wheels may require impact testing, so in case anyone is thinking about getting some sketchy, no-name-brand carbon rims from some weird chinese importer, beware.

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