Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the numbers game

the season finale of north carolina cyclocross is this saturday. if you don't already know, here is the webular location with the information.

let the record show that B-Swad is currently sitting 5th place overall in the Men's 4. this is his first season and he's killing it. Korps is chillin' just outside the top 30. he seems to have about as much fun hanging out at the races as he does racing--and he really loves racing. The Notorious L.O-.G. is poised to overtake the i-Sack (shop guy from Apex or Raleigh), which would net him a 3rd place overall in his first season in the 3s. Jay, even after missing a race, and missing the double-points mudfest in Fayetteville still sits in 12th. As for me, I'm placed precariously in 3rd (!!!) in the 1-2s, and will likely hold-off the young dude who started the F'ville race in goggles, but am worried i may get overtaken by a fast dude currently in 6th, 62 points back. if he gets first or second place, i think i need to get 6th or 7th to hold onto my podium spot. can i do it? come see.

in fact, come out and race. if you think you don't have the skills, well, li'l Dorothy, you've had the skills all along. if you feel like you don't have the fitness, i recently discovered an amazing new training product that will make you throw away your powertap and fire your personal coach. it's the perfect workout for cyclocross: is strengthens your quads while toughening up your baunch/grundle/taint.

all in just 3 minutes.

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felonious said...

Great work. Let's hope we can avoid conversations like this if y'all secure those podiums: