Sunday, October 12, 2008

So that's why so many people MTB.

Hey there cyberland-face! I can't help but feel remorseful about my shameless lack of blogging; suffice to say it has taken me a while to warm up to the whole idea.

Apologies aside, mountain bikes are awesome. Today, Ali, the Professor and I went for an early morning ride all single speed stylie. After some deliberation en route it was decided to do a quick warm up in crabtree (a practice many of our fellow teammates have sworn off) and then head over to 286. Now, it's worth mentioning that this was also the second time I've been able to ride my kick-awesome new bike (a Surly 29er all rigidified). Also worth mentioning is that big wheels are fast. My old bike was a '92 Specialized HardRock cobbled together with new and old parts and setup single speed. While fun, not being able to straighten one's fingers or back after riding for two hours is not so great. Happily this is no longer the case.

286 seemed to go by fast in part, no doubt, to Ali crushing it for a good while. The big wheels didn't hurt either. I'm still getting used to the bike but I can already feel the handling becoming more intuitive and I'm becoming more confused as to why everyone says 29ers don't handle quick. Its a little higher off the ground but I can still toss it around like a BMX bike. Word! Fun and fast, who could ask for more?

Oh, and plenty of funny pics are to follow as soon as blogger stops confusing me.

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DukePirate said...

I heard that you were rocking the big wheels, and I'm glad to hear that you're liking them. Do you happen to have any pics? More info about the build? What size is it?

I know a lot of people love their Monkeys, but when I rode one I had trouble with the fit. That's been quite a while though, and I'm sure that the short TT does accentuate your mad BMX skills. Have you thought about putting the freecoaster hub on the rear end? Now that would truly be punk rock.