Wednesday, October 22, 2008

giant beers (formerly mad props)

there's not enough love out in the world today. however, after racing cyclocross this weekend and voting today, i am feeling some of the love and wanted to identify some of this to our loyal readers.

1) to Peter at bobkestrut, who celebrates greatness with great writing and giant beer (at least to the extent that he recognizes people deserving of a giant beer, if not personally buying them said beer). Peter was out at the Cary races, cheering people on, and he mentioned that he's taken an editorial job over at cyclingnews. Congratulations.

2) to cyclingnews. in addition to keeping us up-to-date about the results of obsucre south american road races and technological breakthroughs in $700 cranksets, they post sweet pictures like NCCX badass Nathan Wyatt biting the dust (or sand, to be more precise). one of these photos even made the random race photo in the upper left hand corner of the cyclingnews homepage. sweet. also, mad props to Nathan--someone buy that man a giant beer.

3) to people who race cyclocross on mountain bikes. there are few things i love more than a cyclocross bike. actually, no, there are LOTS of things that i love more than bikes, even cyclocross ones. however, as far as bikes go, they're really the bee's knees (bees live there). that being said, many people who already own a road bike and a mountain bike have opted against acquiring another bike, in favor of paying their mortgage or for their kids' braces or buying deserving people giant beers. and that being said, i'm always kind of shocked to see how many people show up for cyclocross races with cyclocross bikes. sometimes very nice, new cyclocross bikes. bikes that are raced between 1 and 5 times per year, and ridden a dozen or so times the rest of the year--it's kinda crazy. i'm all in favor of the right tool for the right job, but sometimes, there's something satisfying in using an old fashioned screwdriver (one you already have), rather than going out and getting a new electric drill, just to hang a picture. that, and that, and that being said. i'm really not someone to tell someone that they have too many bikes. my main point is, cheers to the people who drag their old mountain bikes out and rip it in cx races. two giant beers for people, like our other friend Adam (not shop Adam or Olde English Adam, but Adam of Denise and Adam fame) who was kickin' it on a hybrid (with tights and baggy shorts). To hell with the pro style guide--bring back anything-goes style.

4) to kids racing cylcocross. at first, watching juniors (10-14 year-olds) try and haul a bike nearly half their weight over a barrier nearly the height of their inseam seemed like a cruel joke. like those pictures where they dress up babies to look like vegetables. but after talking to some of these kids after their race i learned that they were totally stoked to be racing. they were having a blast. and so i realized that, for kids who like to bike, it's a great environment. much better than my early days, standing around a baseball field in itchy polyester, getting yelled at by some jerk-ass coach. i would have much rather pushed my bike up a grassy hill (something i would do most days) but with dozens of adults going nuts, ringing cowbells, encourageing me, and getting ready to do the same darn thing themselves. however, while these kids get mad props, they receive no giant beer. maybe root beer. but only after they finish their homework.

5) to fans who watch cyclocross. hootin' and hollerin'. ringin' cow bells. nodding politely. you deserve a big beer. preferably while watching the races.

6) to big beer. not the big business side of big beer (like "big tobacco" or "big oil"), but beer in large containers. because a 750 mL beer is like the 29er of beers.


DukePirate said...

What, no High Life?

felonious said...

Champaigne of Beers? Pfft.

DukePirate said...

The Professor of Smooth got himself a fancy new bike and upgraded his beer. For shame.

But I like Big Beer = Mad Props! said...

come on pirate.......shouldn't it be "i like big beer and and i cannot other brother should deny....and when a girl rolls in with an itty bitty beer....."