Wednesday, September 17, 2008

fake race/fake win

some weeknight, everywhere around the world, local folks get together and host some sort of fake bike race. it's slightly more organized than a group of kids doing laps around the jungle gym, but it would never be mistaken for some UCI/ASO fiasco. no entry fees. no race officials. no neutral support vehicle. no photo finish. no prize money. it's just for the glory. oh, the glory.

and while i've given the tuesday night fight the ol' college try for most of the summer, victory has been elusive. partially because my tactics are often rash and impatient. mostly because i can't sprint my way out of a paper bag (try it, it's more difficult than it sounds). but, as i continue to tell myself, it's never about the win, it's all about the game. the action and drama of the way the fake race plays out. even into the fall, when weather is iffy, the days grow short and motivation grows even shorter.

but the fake isn't about the win, it's about the fight. it's a chance to throw down. make stupid attacks. make risky moves. suffer. at the end of the day, it's only practice. one part high-intensity training, one part testing out strategies. playing the pack weasel or just waiting for everything to come back together is lame (unless you're struggling just to hang on--then that's a workout and a strategy).

so like i was saying, i rolled out to the race this tuesday. it had rained pretty consistently for the previous day and a half, but close inspection of radar said that the rain was done and the ride should be on. long story short(er), the rain must have scared everyone else away so i rode the loops by myself TO VICTORY! and let this be a valuable strategic lesson to you all: training is good, but the best odds for winning a race is finding a race where no one else shows up. similar to G.I. Joe's mantra "knowing is half the battle", Cat. 4 Joe's mantra is "showing is half the battle". and i take this confidence with me to my first mountain bike races in months. enter the collegiate mtb season. wish me luck...luck that no one else shows up.

5 comments: said... are my hero!!! Did you puke at or during the sprint? Oh wait that is me.......ugh.

Congrats!!!! GO BULL CITY CYCLING!!!!!!!!

miniweesh said...

Personally, I prefer "secret races" to fake the kind I used to win on Conzelman Rd in the Marin Headlands. Hey there Team In Training nerd, resplendent on your ill-fitting new Bianchi Brava and cross-trainers. I can see that you came to race. Unlucky for you, I did too.

DukePirate said...

Even a blind hawg finds an acern ev'ry onct in a while.

curveship said...

I miss the Tuesday nighter. Mostly, I miss sucking Chris's wheel then jumping him at the end.

DukePirate said...