Friday, July 11, 2008

The Professor of Smooth gets even smoother

And no, I'm not talking about his (our?) newfound BMX skills. Exciting though the General Lees are (and yes, pics are coming), Chris has an even more exciting bike in the works -- and being worked on -- all custom-like.

Check out the sweet, sweet love at Circle A Cycles. And I mean it: Chris's bike gets front page billing on the blog, and you get to see the tubing as it slowly emerges as the Professor's fastest new ride.

Be sure that you click the "slideshow" button as it will guide you through Chris's bike as it comes into being. With all due credit to the photogs at Circle A, I stole one pic to give you a little taste:

I promise that the pics on their blog only get better from here. There's no word on what the paint scheme will look like... Chris?

1 comment:

co2cycle said...

pictures of the painted rig are up:
it should ship next week.