Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MTBing, injured knees and sore backs...

What up Fella's,

Been a while since my last blog...this working thing is not as cool as everyone keeps saying!

Anyway, Daniel "Dirty Harry" (or Hairy as he should be referred to...)Schurr and I headed out for the first MTB ride since Huck-A-Buck. In case you hadn't heard or didn't read the blog, he and I were pretty beat up as a result of the days escapades. I suffered from back spasms and Daniel got crashed out by another rider on the third lap and suffered a blow to his knee. As a result, he has been hobbling around for the last week.

Nevertheless, fearlessly, we headed to Crabtree to overcome our woes and get some redemption for our misfortune at the race. I led out the race course loop at Crabtree, taking it fairly easy...it was one of those interesting rides where I was feeling pretty good and had to keep telling myself to chill out. You know, coach myself into conserving so that I wouldn't re-injure the back.

I think most of us can understand that if the legs feel good the ego tends to take over and before you know it you are absolutely flying. So, all in all we did ok and took it pretty easy, at least at Crabtree.

Feeling pretty good, we headed over to 286 for a quick loop before we called it quits. Daniel was leading out a solid tempo when I hear the hiss of air rapidly exiting my tubeless tires. I somehow snapped off my valve stem, first time for me with that mechanical mishap. At the same time, it seized the lock ring so I couldn't remove the remainder of the valve stem to put in the antiquated tube into the more sophisticated and refined tubeless rim. It was actually,kinda funny, we were sitting there sweating like crazy fidgeting with this thing for about 20 minutes until another rider stopped by and remedied the situation in about 15 seconds. He looked at us with a smirk and said " You just didn't twist hard enough". My response was.."kinda like the Peanut Butter Jar, huh, we just loosened it up for ya."

We all had a pretty good laugh about it and went our own way. At this point the sun was setting and we still had about 45 minutes left to ride. Daniel dropped the hammer and we kicked it on out...so much for the easy ride.

That being said, the back feels better every day. Hoping to pop off another ride this week.

Until then, thanks for reading.


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brian said...

glad you guys are rolling again. i've been under the house renovation gun like crazy over the last couple of weeks. i also feel your back pain. i fell off a six foot ladder to hardwood floor last night and screwed up my elbow. fatigue will get the best of you if you are careful.

ali and i are headed crested butte friday so hopefully we can all mend and get some killer rides in after we get back. look for a photo stream and blog updates.