Wednesday, December 28, 2011

slow frameset

Okay, I'll admit it: I've always wanted to be superfast. And I'll also admit it: in the past, I've trained. Cardio. Weight training. Intervals. Distance. I've even attempted to hone my handling skills to non-sucking status. Admittedly, I've also made numerous unnecessary equipment upgrades, hoping that this would help to make me superfast. But none of these things provided the answer to making me superfast.

Which is to say, none of my previous searching provided me with a suitable excuse for not going faster. Until now.

A slow skeleton. The way I see it, I've been competing with Cat-5 bones all this time. The proof is in the x-rays. Four months post-surgery and my collarbone still shows significant "non-union" (to the non-southerners in our readership, "non-union" is not a euphemism for Confederate army supporter, but in fact means that the darn thing is still broken). Slow healing is obviously also a sign that my own internal frameset just isn't as lively and responsive as it could be (I mean they tried to upgrade it with titanium--hello, it's 2011, where the hell is my carbon fiber bone replacement?!?).

Unfortunately, I probably need to stick with the current model. However, bone can be replaced with cadaver bone, so if you know where Fignon's tomb is and you have a shovel I can borrow, holler back.

The good news is that the bone feels fine. The doctor seemed to suggest that it looks stable and that the odds of re-injuring the right collarbone by falling off a bike is about the same as breaking the left one. So, I guess that's kind of also good news. I'm still hesitant to get back on the mountain bike just yet, but maybe I'll start doing some push ups.

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