Tuesday, November 1, 2011

bone machine

i've got some sweet new gear to test out:

this baby is the 4000+, so you know it's dope.

okay so the backstory:
collarbone is still not healed. the x-ray looks like it did one month ago, which looked like it did two months ago. the doc squinted his eyes and said that he could see some healing, which may be true since i'm not an expert. on the other hand, if you look at a piece of toast long enough, you may be able to convince yourself that you can see the image of jesus

so 10 weeks in, and i'm still not fixed. and although this is slow, it's supposedly not alarmingly slow. however, it did mean that they decided to give (sell) me an ultrasound bone stimulator. this, of course, is a cue to all our friends in new jersey to exclaim heartily "hey! i got yer bone stimulator RIGHT HERE!!!" thanks guys.

either way, still not real cycling for me. in the meantime, i'll be cranking out mad ultrasonic power and give you a full product review soon(er or later). if it works, i may try it on my brain to get smarter and my muscles to get faster and...well, let's see if it works, first. until then:

(does anyone else think that Andrea from Trips For Kids kinda looks like Kim Deal?)


hollywood said...

Man..... I need one of those too! Scared to ask how much it was.

felonious said...

You and Hollywood are just lazy healers. Bone machines?

anitra said...

That's totally Michael Jackson on that piece of toast. (And I hope this machine works to stimulate your bone.)

co2cycle said...

MJ? JC? Who can be sure?
Either way, the end is near.