Friday, August 12, 2011

Max Power Can't Stop

My brother just pointed out that Jan Ulrich has been riding amateur cycling events under the pseudonym Max Kraft, which apparently translates to Max Power.

the video quality wasn't great on that last one, so here's another version, quite possibly in German.

Some might call it sandbagging, but unlike Riccardo Ricco, who snuck into a Cyclosportive event while on doping suspension and actually tried to help his friends win, Jan seems to be just out having trying to learn how to have fun riding bikes again and not wrecking the event for other folks. Sometimes, competition can take all the fun out of a beautiful sport. Here's to Jan, who may have ended up on the wrong side of history. But hopefully, in time, he'll be recognized a great talent and tough competitor who emerged during a troubling time for the sport.

Maximum Kraft(werk), non stop.


felonious said...

MP uber alles.

John Miles said...

I love the Max Power episode.