Friday, April 1, 2011

London 2012 Olympic Course

Really? Is this how lame competitive XC mountain biking has become?


John Miles said...

You know someone posted this up on our local board here in Memphis and the consensus was much as you've said: lame. I guess I disagree a bit, though, as I'm impressed that they did put a few technical features in. It's still not real mountain biking as far as I'm concerned, but it at least tries to use some of those skills in a decidedly non-mtb park. Not great, I guess, but not bad. And hopefully it will get more roughed in before the actual race.

John Miles said...

What Memphis thinks:

co2cycle said...

sometimes it's difficult to tell how steep something is from a helmet cam, but it definitely isn't very technical looking. well, i guess until cyclocross makes it into the olympics, this is what we get. my pick for the gold: sven nys!