Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hollywood Rides

We haven't done this in a while, which is why googling "Hollywood's Rides" will net you a photo of Mariah Carey at an amusement park:

Or some actress I have never heard of with a bike adorned with a basketful of smugness (She's riding a Linus, though):

Or a message of "hope"--let's not even touch this.

Without further ado, I present Hollywood's new ride. As you can see, it's a little overweight now. That' okay, it's winter and I haven't been outside on a bike in months, so I'm a little portly too. By the summer, this bike will have shed five pounds to get down to racing weight.


DukePirate said...

Brian and I have matching bikes. Well, matching in color. And brand. Mine's a bit more portly. Then again, so am I.

hollywood said...

Let's start with rims. 29ers.....which rims should I lace up to XTR 980S (142x15mm rear through axle)........Stan's? Which ones?

hollywood said...

Oh and it's 20 pounds now. (sans brakes and drivetrain) but with the crank.

co2cycle said...

lose the drivetrain and you can have an 18 pound full-suspension Strider.

go with the Stan's Crest 29er rims. light, but not too-light. and they're white.

otherwise, if you're feeling stupid, get a pair of ENVE carbon tubular rims. actually, what you SHOULD do is lace your hubs up to a pair of Velocity Major Tom tubular road rims. they're 21mm wide and you could glue some tubular mtb tires on there. for tires, you'll need to have some custom made FMB's--they'll probably last one or two rides, but that should be of any major concern. send me a pair while you're at it.

hollywood said...

So the Crest? I've heard conflicting reports on their durability. Yes I'm light.....but I do live in the Rockies....and we have....ummmm rocks. lots of them. ZTRs?

Anonymous said...

I have been running and racing ZTR's for a year - Trans-Sylvania Epic, Pisgah Stage Race, etc - with no problems.\

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I see now that ZTR applies to all Stan's rims. I've been riding the ZTR Arch rims with I9 hubs. I've had to true them once or twice, though they were not way off. The Crests look tempting, but I was going for dependability and have not been disappointed.

felonious said...

Go with Enves. This bike is getting a modified Di2/single ring set up, btw.