Sunday, September 26, 2010

three peaks/one gear

Three Peaks: Jay wins!

With a time of nearly half the nearest competitor, he crushed the field. Or, possibly, BikeReg powered by RMS is not unlike a cyclocross bike powered by SRAM, such that both may be prone to catastrophic failure. Full report to follow, but in the meantime, if anyone has a spare SRAM Rival right-hand shift/brake lever, contact Jam Master Jay.


felonious said...

Wow. Superb! Congrats, Jay.

co2cycle said...

Since a certain professor of writing has trouble reading The Professor's writing, please allow me to clarify that [spoiler alert!] Jay did not actually win the race. Somehow the timing system got messed up, crediting him with a ludicrously fast time. However, since it says it on the internets, it is now true.

felonious said...

Hmm. I skipped right over the text at the bottom and clicked on the results image. I think that still deserves a wow. Please note nothing I do or say before 7am (and coffee) should be taken as reliable.