Monday, August 23, 2010

race day


6:00 am
alarm goes off
time to wake up for a 9:00 race
nice and early

6:30 am
okay, now it's time to get up for the race
plenty of time to eat, drink espresso, drive to race, register, get dressed, get motivated to race

8:30 am
now i'm ready to get up

some people razz me because i don't like to get up early to ride
this is true, but it doesn't mean i won't
i just prefer no to
and with this past weekend's "race at the reactor" i was somewhat sleepy, but mostly unmotivated to scramble down to harris lake for a 9am start time (c'mon--who starts singlespeeders at 9am?!?) and try to ride the bike fast
it might have helped if i had some company, but everyone seems to have moved out of town or don't do mtb races less than 5 hours long (chumps)
i guess i'm trying to save my motivation--that is, the motivation to do all the crap necessary to actually get to a race and still want to be there--for cyclocross season
so so lazy


oishikatta said...
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oishikatta said...

Mayebe it runs in the family. I was about to register for a road race in NYC Central Park this weekend until I checked the start time.
Cat 4 Men 6:05 am
Plus tolls and parking would have cost more than the registration.

DukePirate said...

I like sleeping.

co2cycle said...

true dat. i didn't even mention all the money i saved. however, local mountain biking is the only place you an actually get loot on par with the entry fees. i took 3rd place at a local crit and after a $15 entry fee, i won $3.

DukePirate said...

Dude, that's one PBR bigboy. Don't diss.

You can then drink said beverage before your next SS mtn race. Synergy.

curveship said...

You know what these races need? A slackerspeed class.

co2cycle said...

singlespeed was always supposed to be slackerspeed. that's why they should never start those races before noon.

and speaking of slackerspeed, why is it that this post about sleep triumphing over cycling has generated the most responses in recent memory?

DukePirate said...

Everybody's gotta sleep.