Thursday, April 22, 2010

gettin' schooled

moonlighting again for the school team. i did what was hopefully my last collegiate road race--"hopefully" in the sense that hopefully i'll graduate before next spring. in any event, took an early morning drive up to Jay's old stomping grounds, Virginia Tech. it's hilly up there. one teammate rolled away in a two-man break in the first lap and by the climb on the second lap, the rest of the pack had dwindled down to 6, with 3 on our team. but, by the third and final lap two dudes from the other teams got away on the climb. it was a familiar scene, like watching the tuesday night ride slip away from me on mt. sinai road.

after that we had a team time trial. ttt's are fun. which is to say that they suck, but suck much less than individual time trials. in an itt, you're supposed to go as hard as you can the whole time. however, in an ideal ttt, you get to ease-off a tiny bit between each pull. it's that little respite that provides enough of a reward that the whole endeavor seems less terrible, both physically and psychologically. it is also nice to work together with a team--unless you're one of the weaker members of the team (like i was on saturday) and even sitting in a teammate's draft still hurts. still, a hard tt doesn't hurt as much as a crash, which is what happened to one of our guys who hit some gravel on a treacherous descent.

now, i don't want to ride hard for a while. got a nice mtb ride in with smAli on tuesday, which hit the spot. and, heading out to carolina north for the monthly trips for kids ride this saturday (join us for that if you can).

anyway, thanks for bearing with me on this rather uninspired "look at me, i'm rad" post. i'll try and think up something better next week.

also, we got coverage in velonewz.

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felonious said...

Note that the Professor calls me on his recovery days. Meanwhile, I'm still working muy hard on these rides.