Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"We have a good war chest of funds"?!?!

"We are at the races to prove a point. That point is to be ambassadors for all of those I just mentioned. (Y)our obligation is to know everything about every company on the kits as well as about every part we use until the season ends. We are at the venues to represent, and represent well. We (the team - you - us - the folks who raced here before 2009) give good brand.

"In an era and in a climate in which teams falter, vaporize, splinter, cease to exist, and just plain can't raise a fucking dime, we are flush. We are quite flush atmo. Data point - we're not Radio Shack flush, but heck - I can only panhandle so much, huh. We have parts. We have a good war chest of funds. And we have each other.

"Let's represent, let's make memories, and let's race."

Richard Sachs (aka The Professor's Eternal Idol)

The rest can be read here.


hollywood said...

Who has been hiding our "war chest"?

co2cycle said...

Hollywood has a nice "war chest". RS is really more Linus' hero. I dig him, but he seems to get a little too worked up about things, ATMO.

curveship said...

"We give good brand"
"We have a good ... chest."

Hmmm, something a little ... funny in those RS quotes, no? Surely, it's just my prurient mind ... let's check out this blog of RS's:

"Before I paste in texts from Pookums and Dan, I'm excited to mention two recent articles about the RS 'Cross Team. For starters, pal Patrick Brady did an interview with me about all things team and 'cross for his great site, Red Kite
Prayer. For a direct link to that chat, click here -------> GO BABY . I'm also very happy to inform that James Huang
did a very nice review of Dan's team issue bicycle while we were in Oregon. It appeared last night on CyclingNews.
The link for this story is here -------> OH YES, OH YES, YES . And while there, don't forget the thumbnails that show
the well used bicycle. You know the drill -------> UH HUH OHMYGAWD . Now, have a cigarette."

Ewwww .... RS seems to be retro the way gold medallions, hairy chests and custom vans are retro.