Thursday, May 14, 2009

Di Luca Popped for Doping

BREAKING - UCI officials have reported that a routine blood test of Giro leader Danilo "Hollywood" Di Luca has revealed traces of the banned substance "the undead."

Rumors had been circulating ever since the end of stage 4. Immediately after crossing the line in victory, Di Luca was seen to look to a cooler outside the LPR team bus and mutter "Braaaaaaaiins."


DukePirate said...

I knew that my training plan was lacking something. Little did I know it was human brains.

curveship said...

I'm telling you, click through the photos from the finish of stage 4. Intensity is one thing. That man has freaky-deaky bug-eyed I-smell-brains intensity going on.

DukePirate said...

So what, now you're saying that I can't eat brains? Dude, make up yer mind.