Friday, December 5, 2008

Rocky Mountain Division Report #1

Greetings East Coasters. I've finally landed in Denver. It is cold but there are still bikes everywhere! Cold, snow and ice don't deter Denverites evidently. Did my first ride in Denver on Wednesday on the new "Hybrid" Karate Monkey (photos to follow).

Lesson #1 learned.......while it is cool to ride your bike to an alternative transportation job should make sure they locate the proper winter gloves, hats, etc before departing one's house. Basically, I thought "Oh it is not that far and who needs to dig through boxes for such accessories...." Well let's just say everything is now unpacked and in use......after near frost bitten digits, frozen ears, and a sore throat.

Below is my first horizon shot of the Rockies as I approached Denver on I-70 from Bull City Cycling Rocky Mountain Division Vehicle #1 (See Photo #2).

Let's just say buying a truck with 4 wheel drive 9 years ago is finally paying off.

Well that about wraps up week one from the Rocky Mountain Division of Bull City Cycling...........winter cross training starts tomorrow with snowshoeing!


felonious said...

Is that you in the picture next to the truck?

DukePirate said...

It's Hollywood's slimmer, more feminine side.

felonious said...

Show us the Surly!