Thursday, November 13, 2008

the other side of cyclocross

Regulation cyclocross barriers are short and easy to jump over. A wall of foam on the other hand...

(photo swiped from HTATBL)

There's World Cup cyclocross and crazy-ass SSCXWC. Some things can be both darker and more sinister and brighter and sweeter at the same time. It's what I picture when my friend talks about more enemy rainbows. Beware. I wasn't at either of these, but probably should have been invited to both. I need to re-negotiate my contract.


DukePirate said...

This clearly needs to be instituted for Trashionals.

co2cycle said...

Does this mean the Pirate will sail south for the event. Unfortunately, we may not have the budget for the foam machine, but if we track down the old Pathfinder, we could probably fire it up and use it as a fog machine.

DukePirate said...

*sheds silent tear for the Pathfinder, aka el truckadora*

I would think that you could get the same effect from shaking up a few PBRs and spraying them on the crowd. Come to think of it that might have been the one thing that we didn't do last year.

I might be through around New Year's if I can find the money. And if the economy gets worse and my position is cut I'm going to move down and squat in an unoccupied dorm room over the summer.

Is the cross season over for the fall? Is anyone doing the race at Carolina North this weekend?