Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sanford Trip

Daniel, Ali, and I loaded up early in the AM (well, not that early, but still) and headed south down to Sanford for some dry trail riding. First we hit San-Lee park and I think that we were all surprised at what a great trail it was. I'd ridden there before, but it had been a few years, and there had been a good deal of work down out there. Most interesting were two brand new portions of the trail that were well planned-out, highly technical, and a real challenge to ride. We did two laps, and on the first go 'round I think we did more scouting (er, walking) than riding, but on the second trip through the rocks we began to pick a line, think ahead a few moves, and actually ride the damn thing.

Daniel was putting on a clinic on the Stumpy, riding so large he fills up the frame:

Ali was smooth, as always:

When those two guys get together there's always trouble:

And away they go!

After two on the San-Lee trails we busted it over to Governor's Creek. Opposite side of town, very different topography. There's not much elevation change, but the trails definitely make use of everything they've got, and they're really fast: great trails to push into the corners and spin for speed. We were going so fast, in fact, that I forgot to stop to take pictures -- sorry!

We did learn that Ali was a cheater -- ask him about it some time. Also that he likes water. But other than a good chainring gouge for Daniel, we were lucky enough to escape without any major injuries. Or dogbites. All-n-all, I think we got in something like four hours, and maybe around twenty miles, though since none of us has either or a computer or a stopwatch, those are just guesses. My legs say it was a lot, though.

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