Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is cool?

In the heat of the summer, I get to wondering "what would make me cooler"? After a late-afternoon ride, I tried to make an ice bath, but quickly ran out of ice and felt like I was wasting water, so I took a shallow, cool bath. Not cool. But you know what would be cool? An awesome paint scheme on a new bike. The bike will be a lugged steel cyclocross bike from the fine folks at Circle A Cycles in Providence, RI. So, to you, our loyal readers, please voice your thoughts, what is the coolest-ever bicycle paint scheme? If you read this blog and never post replies, here is your chance. Since there is no right answer, you cannot be wrong.
Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:
Classic Eddy Merckx orange with blue panels
Richard Sachs white with red
DeRosa red with white
or any of these


DukePirate said...

What about Camo? Urban camo? Desert camo?

That said, I did enjoy some of those neon paint jobs. I dunno if cross bikes need neon, though.

Does this mean that your name has moved up the list? said...

i vote orange or lime rock racing green. maybe plaid?

or you could have them paint it to look like cobblestones.

sennaster said...

how about a classic panel job, but with argyle in the panels .. that would be pretty sick (especially in carolina blue). :)

sennaster said...

oh, and this cross bike is one of the hottest i've seen:

DukePirate said...


I get "photo unavailable." Curses!

I like the idea of a traditional panel color scheme. See how this strikes you (I thought of it while laying sleepless in bed last night):

--Deep, forest green bike.

--Lugs (you are getting a lugged bike, aren't you?) accented with subtle gold pain on the brass.

--Orange stripes to set off the white panel.

It doesn't really go with either a Duke or a BCC color scheme, but I decided that it's super fly. (Which probably means that you should go with something else.) Are you going to get your name on it?

Once you get things narrowed down maybe we can set up a survey and take input from the crowd. --jm said...

sennaster said...

try this:

curveship said...

This. Is. Insane.

"Handfuckingbuilt." They got that right.

No to the Merckx -- it's like wearing a jersey with World Champion stripes. And you never know when you might see George Hugh again.

DukePirate said...


Boss. Ferreal.

I think Chris is wimping out and going with gears for this one, though. Lame. Nevermind the fact that he can crush me with or without gears, it's still lame.

sennaster said...

also totally bada$$

DukePirate said...

Ok, that argyle really does work. I dunno if you want to go all Team Slipstream/Chipotle on the thing, but that's definitely evidence that it will work.

bullcitybiker said...
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bullcitybiker said...

Trying again..

Green doesn't usually do it for me but this is wicked.

co2cycle said...

These are all great comments!
My current thoughts are:
1) White, with some paneling (possible light blue, dark blue, or green?)
2) Black, with highlights around the lugs and a lighter panel (off-white, light blue?)
Keep the ideas coming!