Monday, April 14, 2008

new math

Taken from Anon., et al. 2008. "Resurgent southern social movements on post-agricultural forested landscapes." Annals of Unpublished Research, 2008 (4) 113-153.

"...thus, we arrive at the theoretical formula:

(a*x)^(12*u)+a*b+d = r

where a has been operationally defined as the number of participants (in this study a=5), x represents the the sample population, u is equal to the coefficient of inebriation, b is equal to the bicycle additionality factor (optimized here at a value of 24.00") , and d is defined as a function of m such that:

d = F(m)

in which m is Merckx's constant, and F is the universal pant function (selected for goodness-of-fit), resulting in d, the optimized pantaloon hue. Thus, the resulting value of r is
absolute scale of total quality.

This equation, however, remains untested and will require extensive experimentation."

3 comments: said...

i can only hope that everyone clicks on all of the links on this post and begins to piece the "real" story.....errrr.....equation together.

it is a sad sad shame that our orange-rads will be delayed.

Anonymous said...

Simply astonishing

DukePirate said...

We're takin' to the streets. Beware.